Manual Handling

Aim: As stated in the 2005 Safety Health and Welfare Act and General Application Regulations it states that all employees in all industries must carry out manual handling training before commencement of work. By facilitating training for employees to conduct manual handling safely you are complying with your legal requirements.

Outcome for trainees

At the end of the session trainees will be able:

  1. To assess the loads they are about to lift
  2. Know where they are about to lift
  3. Know whether it is too awkward or heavy
  4. Realise their own capacity and limits
  5. Handle loads more safely

Course Content:

  • Legislation and Statistics
  • Anatomy & Injuries
  • Body Mechanics
  • Risk Assessment
  • Lifting Safely
  • Assessment
  • Back Care in everyday life
  • Demonstration

Course particulars:

Certification by FSEI

Course content directory: HSA Manual Handling Guidelines
Duration: Half- day

Note: All participants should wear comfortable clothing and footwear in order to complete practical lifts.